It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day

So in honour of the greatest pirate to have ever lived, we’re going to spend the day talking in a posh English accent.

Song of the Day

Latest single from Yellowcard “Transmission Home”, which will feature on their new forthcoming album Lift A Sail out October 7th!

Fashion picks: Skirts/Shorts/Trousers For Under A Tenner

1. Bell Shaped Skirt (black, purple) from H&M: €9.99

2. Plaited Skater Skirt (maroon, black) from Penneys: €9.00

3. Floral Print Tie Wrap Skirt from New Look: €9.00

4. Sweatshirt Shorts from H&M: €9.99

5. Casual Harlem Pants from Less Than Ten Pounds: €6.25

6. Black Slashed Leggings from Less Than Ten Pounds: €6.25

7. Grey Skinny Jeans from Less Than Ten Pounds: €6.25

Aurora Borealis in Ireland


Some pretty hardcore sun explosions (called Coronal Mass Ejections… heh…) occurred a few days ago, sending solar flares our way. Don’t worry they’re not harmful (well they might disrupt some satellites) but it is these flares hitting our magnetic field that causes the Aurora.

Since these solar winds were particularly forceful they might hit more of the earth than usual, meaning the Aurora might be visible as low as Ireland. If the stupid clouds don’t get in the way that is. The first round will hit tonight and the second will hit tomorrow night.


The sciencey bit: As fusion happens inside the sun, high energy particles and radiation is ejected in solar winds and flares. When the ions travel through the solar system and hit earth they interact with our magnetic field and travel along the field lines. This causes an electric charge, therefore creating an electric current and as they descend into the atmosphere they get stronger. When they hit earths upper atmosphere they meet oxygen and nitrogen and pass the energy onto them. This causes the electrons in these atoms to get excited, and when they eventually calm down they return this energy into the air in the form of light (photons). The different colours comes from the different atoms; oxygen causes green and orange-red, and nitrogen causes red and blue.

*image taken Co. Mayo by Conor Ledwith who has taken some really cool pictures of the sky, you should check him out


Sweet new song from Have Mercy! Their new album  ‘A Place of Our Own’ is out on October 27 with Hopeless Records. It’s one of the ones we’re really excited for.


Fashion picks: Dresses For Under A Tenner

1. Black Beaded Dress With Faux Leather Front from Less Than Ten                Pounds: €8.75

2. Burgundy Draped Neck Dress from Less Than Ten Pounds: €8.75

3. Floral Mini Dress With Frill Sleeves from Less Than Ten Pounds: €7.50

4. Floral Maxi Dress from Less Than Ten Pounds: €6.25

5. Red Sleeveless Floral Print from New Look: €7.20

6. Shirt Dress With Leather Detail from Less Than Ten Pounds: €8.75

7. Sleeveless Dress from H&M: €9.99

8. Sleeveless Tartan Skater Dress with Less Than Ten Pounds: €7.50

To all of you who we’ve lost to suicide… we love and miss you all <3 

Fashion Picks: For Under A Tenner

1. Beck and Herseys Distilled Vest from M and M, Burgundy: €9.95

2. Tank Top from H&M: €9.99

3. Jack and Jones Greg T-shirt from M and M: €9.95

4. Red Mars Contrast Collar Polo Shirt from New Look: €7.50

5. Demin Shirt from H&M: €9.99

6. Long Sleeved T-shirt (black, white, burgundy, dark grey, dark blue, dark       green) from H&M: €9.99

7. Sweatshirt  (grey, dark grey, black, white, dark blue) from H&M: €9.99

8. Jack and Jones Knit Top from M and M: €7.95

Suicide Prevention Day

Today, Wednesday the 10th of September 2014, is suicide prevention day. 10 lives are lost every week from suicide in Ireland and steps need to be taken to prevent this. The good news is that the Irish Government announced that they have doubled their funding into suicide prevention. It’s a small move that will hopefully make a big difference.

One of the sucky things about living in Ireland (along with the weather, economy, and general living spaces), is that we have a culture of not talking about things. Our parents and grandparents who were forced into Catholic schools would have been flat out forbidden to complain about anything and god forbid anyone got upset over something. Best case scenario you’d be smacked over the head with a ruler. Even us ourselves in the playground have been taught that we need to be silent, silent, silent. Fingers on your lips. 

This ideology of suppressing emotions has quite literally been beaten into our culture and it needs to be eradicated quickly. It’s ok to feel sad and it’s ok to ask for help. It’s admirable to ask for help. It’s brave. And it’s ok.

Please please please if you’re feeling alone and suicidal please talk to someone. There is always an alternative to suicide, always. Talk to your favourite teacher, your parents, helplines, internet friends, us, just please talk to someone. It will lift a weight off your shoulders and you will be given the help you need.

And I know our medical system in this country is a joke, and there is still a stigma around it, but fuck the hse, and fuck the stigma, and fuck anyone who upholds it. Talk about it. Scream it at the top of your lungs. If no one will listen to you- fuck them, and go find someone who will. 

You are not alone, you are loved (we love you. look at you sitting there by your computer all adorable and shit. squeeeee. you have our hearts forever), and remember that there are always people who can help you.

Wellness workshops
Mental Health Reform Petition
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
Free counselling through the HSE

Helplines for immediate support:

Samaritans: 116 123 (24 Hour)

1Life 1800 247 100 (24 Hour)

Childline 1800 66 66 66 (24 Hour)

Aware Ireland 1890 30 33 02 (Mon - Sun 10am-10pm)

National Rape Crisis Helpline 1800 77 88 88 (24 Hour)

National GLBT Helpline 1890 929 539

Recovery (Substance Abuse) 01 668 1855

Pieta House - www.pieta.ie